Breakfast with God

   By: John J. Matyjewicz     

Chief, U.S. Navy, Retired


Most mornings I start my day at about 5:15AM. Usually I am up at about 5:00AM and just lay in bed for a few minutes until the clock goes off. During those 15 Minutes I usually lay there and contemplate the day and pet one of the dogs lying beside me. It’s also during this time that I take time out and say my prayers.  

This morning was no different that all the others. I started to pray to God, thanking him for giving me another day. I ask for him to take care of my wife and family. I pray for the kids and the grandchildren. I pray for our son who is gearing up to go to the Middle East. I pray for all of our Heroes out there doing their jobs on a daily basis and least of all I pray for our troops serving all over the world, away from their families. I pray to keep them strong and their families safe. I then pray for all the people who I personally know their family is serving in the Middle East.

 After all of that its time to get up. Usually our newest puppy Angel is waiting and wagging her tail. I go into the kitchen and turn on the coffee and tea pots and put down fresh water for the dogs. Then its time to go back into the bathroom for my morning constitution with Angel at my heals.

 Back in the kitchen I made myself a cup of tea and continued with my morning routine. I went into the office and checked my e-mail, went out on the porch to check the weather and back to the kitchen to pack my lunch. I also made another cup of tea. With lunch packed and ready to go and checking my mental checklist, it was time for breakfast.

 A lot of mornings I just eat breakfast standing up by the sink looking out the window. This one was no different or at least I thought so. After a couple of bits of an oatmeal bar I just started to pray again in my mind. I started thinking about September 11th and it was just around the corner. My mind started racing and asking God where did all that kindness and compassion that we had doing that time around September 11th go? People stopped flying the flag and I don’t know why. Tears started rolling down my cheeks and it was then that God answered me.

 I started thinking of a song called The Chain of Love by Clay Walker. The song talks about not letting the chain of love end with you. All of a sudden I knew that I had to pass this chain of love around the world to as many people as I possibly could. I knew that I could send a lot of e-mail and if those people could send e-mails we could make that kindness and compassion come back.

 With that I also decided to create a website called simply Pass It On. I couldn’t wait for my wife to get up so I could tell her about it. I looked at the clock and noticed it was later than I though. I jumped in the shower and my mind and soul was just full of happiness. I knew that I could do this.

 My wife got up as I was getting dressed and I told her of the idea and she just loved it. Getting her approval was important to me so I knew this was a go. All the way to work I thought of how to put this all together. I was listing to a CD that I randomly put in and The Chain of Love started playing. I also took the time to Thank God for a wonderful Breakfast.